Adanac Software established in 1985, provides computer oriented business solutions to small and medium sized enterprises. Adanac is well known for successful software installation, design and customization to meet clients needs.

Adanac provides computer systems and networks locally, regionally and nationwide.

Computer Systems Needs Analysis

Adanac Software works with clients and top level management to identify all the requirements of the proposed systems. Each business is unique, and special attention is given to those aspects of the business, which make it unique. Adanac’s philosophy is to provide software and services that enhance and support those very things which makes their business unique and successful.


Adanac provides it’s own proprietary software applications, develops custom applications and provides packaged software from other developers. In addition Adanac Software provides network integration for Unix and desktop computers.

Implementation, Installation, Training

Adanac Software works with each client to formulate an implementation plan, which details the tasks, responsibilities and schedules for a successful installation. Each client is given a generous allowance with each software package f0r installation and training. Adanac stands by each new client and continually provides guidance, advice and support throughout the installation and training process.


Adanac provides the best available support to each client and emphasizes it’s commitment by providing timely and professional support services. Providing ongoing support by telephone, remotely by computer or in your office is an invaluable element in the successful implementation of new systems and software


In summary, Adanac Software’s confidence in the successful implementation of each system is based upon our diversity of experience, our state of the art hardware and software offerings, responsiveness to clients needs and our commitment to your success.

It would be our pleasure to work with you in any existing or new situations that come your way.